Master Replicas XL: Deep Space 9 Nana Visitor Signature Series

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Vendor : Eaglemoss

Product Type : Scale Die-cast Models

Sku : STSEN617S-Z0

XL Model Hand signed by Nana Visitor –Kira Nerys

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide

Some of the most iconic creators in STAR TREK’s history have signed limited-edition plaques that are exclusively available with the most desirable models. 

The series launches with three of the most important figures in STAR TREK’s history: the legend that is William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk; Nana Visitor who played Kira Nerys, who assumed command of Deep Space 9 in the series finale; and Andrew Probert, who designed the Enterprise-D ushering in a new era of STAR TREK. 

Deep Space 9 was on Starfleet's frontier with both Cardassia and the Gamma Quadrant and was on the front line in the Dominion War. The station was designed by Rick Sternbach and Ricardo Delgado and built by Tony Meininger's Brazil Fabrications. The VFX team never made a high-quality CG version for the show, so Hero Collector's Ed Giddings built a new version based on careful study of the original model. This is the Hero Collector XL model which measures just under 8" (200 mm) across.

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