Flash Drop Wednesday December 13th - Here's what's dropping...

Flash Drop Wednesday December 13th - Here's what's dropping...

Wednesday's Flash Drop is dropping Wednesday 13th December at 1pm West Coast USA / 3pm Central USA / 4pm East Coast USA / 8am Sydney Australia / 9pm UK / 10pm EU / 6pm Brazil / 5am Hong Kong / 6am Japan.

As always ships contained in our flash drops are ships where we have very limited stock on hand, sometimes as little as little as a dozen pieces. Given the tiny quantities we expect most of them sell out quickly.

For ease of finding we will create a category called 'Flash Drop' in the main menu, PLEASE NOTE: this collection will be empty until the drop launch time has passed.

Here's what's dropping so far...

Berserker Predator
City Hunter Predator
Predator Ronald Noland
Falconer Predator
Chest burster Victim (ALIENS)
Predator Hound
Mutated Fifield (Prometheus)
Leonard Dillon (Alien 3)
Alien Retro Box Set Snake and Mantis
Alien Xenomorph
ALIENS: Xenomorph Warrior
The Predator
Aliens Dropship
XL: Nostromo Yellow Variant (LIMITED EDITION)
Alien Covenant Lander One
Alien Resurrection The Betty
XL: U.S.S. Sulaco
XL: Aliens Dropship
Hero Collector Museum Alien Xenomorph Head
XL Alien 3 Runner Xenomorph
Battlestar Galactica: Loki (Heavy Cruiser)
Battlestar Galactica Colonial Shuttle
Astral Queen
Muffit II
Cylon Raider (2004)
Battlestar Galactica (Modern)
Viper Mk I
Cylon Baseship (TOS)
Cylon Basestar (Modern)
Viper (Blood & Chrome)
Landram (TOS)
Colonial Heavy Raptor
Cylon Centurion (Classic)
Void Ship