Flash Drop Wednesday February 21st - Here's what's dropping...

Flash Drop Wednesday February 21st - Here's what's dropping...

Wednesday's Flash Drop is dropping Wednesday 21st February at 1pm West Coast USA / 3pm Central USA / 4pm East Coast USA / 8am Sydney Australia / 9pm UK / 10pm EU / 6pm Brazil / 5am Hong Kong / 6am Japan.

As always ships contained in our flash drops are ships where we have very limited stock on hand, sometimes as little as little as a dozen pieces. Given the tiny quantities we expect most of them sell out quickly.

For ease of finding we will create a category called 'Flash Drop' in the main menu, PLEASE NOTE: this collection will be empty until the drop launch time has passed.

Here's what's dropping so far...

Enterprise C concept CMC
Damar-class Cardassian Intel Science Dreadn
Nebula Class U.S.S Honshu FC
Viper MkII Starbuck Decal
Klingon Bird-of-Prey (Classic) CMC
Green Villain Binder
Lower Decks USS Titan FC
Enterprise NCC-1701 TMP CMC
Battlestar Galactica Ships Osiris
Excelsior Prototype III CMC
Armoured Personnel Carrier
USS Enterprise (2009) XL
Shran-class Federation Light Pilot Escort
Star-Trek-Online Recluse-class Tholian Carrier
Star-Trek Bust Archer
Star-Trek Starships Excelsior Class CMC
Battlestar Galactica Ships LANDRAM
Build-Up Star-Trek Enterprise D Shuttlecraft Set 3
Star-Trek Starships U.S.S. Reliant NCC-1864 (220mm)
Star-Trek Starships USS Discovery NCC-1031
Star-Trek-Retail USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E FC
Star-Trek Bust Kirk
Battlestar Galactica Ships Blood and Chrome Raider
Dr Who Figs War Drs 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th
Star-Trek Starships USS Discovery NCC-1031
Battlestar Galactica Ships Astral Queen
Battlestar Galactica Ships BLACKBIRD
Dr Who Consoles 11th Dr's Junk Console
Orville-Ships Orville XL (ECV-197)
Star-Trek Bust Worf
Alien-Statue Alien & Predator Best Of ‘Grid’ Alien
Blood and Chrome Galactica
Heavy Raptor
The Betty