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The cunning leader of the slug-like Tractators from Doctor Who, the Gravis was the only intelligent member of his species – controlling the others like insect drones. Concealed beneath the surface of the planet Frontios, the Doctor Who Tractators used their psychic control over gravity to attack and terrify the human colonists, dragging them below the surface to act as living components in their machines. Only the Doctor’s arrival turned the tide, revealing the truth behind “the hungry earth.” Yet the Gravis was not to be underestimated. Even as one of the Doctor Who Tractators, its mental powers were sufficient to do what few have managed… destroy the TARDIS itself!

Figures in this collectable series are frozen in a 'Moment in Time' pose which is detailed on the collectors box.

The figure captures the Gravis as it appeared in the fifth Doctor adventure 'Frontios'.

Fully BBC licensed and approved merchandise.

This is a special limited edition figure in the Eaglemoss series.

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