Here's What's Dropping This Wednesday 30th August....

Here's What's Dropping This Wednesday 30th August....

This week’s Wednesday drop includes several ships from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY that we’re listing for the first time including the midsize version of the U.S.S. Shenzhou, Sarek’s Vulcan cruiser, the Klingon Qugh class, Starbase 1 and one of the coolest Section 31 ships from the second season – the Nimrod class which has four nacelles and launches drone fighters.

They’re joined by a pair of Son’a ships from STAR TREK: INSURRECTION – the battleship which is armed with illegal isolytic subspace weapons and the giant Collector ship which was designed to collect metaphasic radiation from the rings around the Ba’ku planet.

We also have the Promellian battle cruiser, which has a nice story attached to it. In the TNG episode ‘Booby Trap’, Picard says that when he was a child he built a model of a Promellian battle cruiser in a bottle. In the second season of STAR TREK: PICARD, we got to see some of Picard’s childhood possessions. The art department reached out to Eaglemoss to get some Promellian battle cruisers and put one in a bottle, making this one of – if not the – first Eaglemoss models to appear on screen.

The drop also includes some much-sought after Starfleet ships including the Enterprise-E Captain’s Yacht, the Springfield class from the Battle of Wolf 359, and the Enterprise-F. which was made canon by its appearance in PICARD Season 3.

Here’s the list:

STAR TREK Regular size

Harry Mudd's Class-J Starship
Xindi Aquatic Cruiser
Bajoran Freighter
Maquis Raider
Hirogen Warship
Jem'Hadar Vanguard Carrier (STAR TREK ONLINE)
Hirogen Holoship
Enterprise-E Captain's Yacht
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-F (Federation Livery)
Daedalus class (U.S.S. Horizon)
Klingon bird-of-prey (landed)
Springfield class (U.S.S. Chekov)
ECS Horizon
Bajoran Assault Vessel
U.S.S. Relativity (Wells class)
Tellarite Cruiser
Vidiian Starship
Promellian Battle Cruiser
Captain Proton's Rocket Ship


Klingon Qugh class
Section 31 Nimrod Class
U.S.S. Shenzhou
Vulcan Cruiser
Wallenberg-class Tug 


Mirror Universe Box Set: NX-01, 1701, Defiant

STAR TREK Shuttles

Shutttle Set 4 (Kelvin Timeline)
Type-9 Shuttle (Cochrane)

STAR TREK Specials

Son'a Battleship
Son'a Collector
Starbase 1 23rd century (DISCOVERY)