Unreleased Night, Friday November 17th - Here's what's dropping...

Unreleased Night, Friday November 17th - Here's what's dropping...

Friday's Unreleased Night  is dropping 17th November at 1pm West Coast USA / 3pm Central USA / 4pm East Coast USA / 8am Sydney Australia / 9pm UK / 10pm EU / 6pm Brazil / 5am Hong Kong / 6am Japan.

This Friday 17th November, we have up for pre order, the new ships from Stargate, Orville and The Expanse, in addition we also have restocks of several previously sold out ships...

Here's What's Dropping...

The Expanse - Epsteins Yacht
Stargate SG1 The Prometheus
The Orville Krill Destroyer

Alien-Ships The Betty
Alien-statue - Ship The Prometheus
Dr Who Cookie Cutter & Tea Towel Set Monsters
Dr Who Figs Victorious Set 2 Dalek Time Commander&Scientist
Mega-Statue-DC Batman
Mega-Statue-Alien Vent Attack Xenomorph
Alien-Statue Alien & Predator Best Of Warrior Alien
Battlestar Galactica Ships Loki
Battlestar Galactica Ships Shuttle
Battlestar Galactica Ships Cylon Raider MkII
Battlestar Galactica Ships classic Viper MkI
Battlestar Galactica Ships Pegasus
Battlestar Galactica Ships SCAR
Dr Who Figs Victorious Set 1: Dalek Emperor & Drone
Mega-Statue-DC Joker
Mega-Statue-Alien Xenemorph Dog (Aliens 3)
Mega-Statue-Dr Who Davros
Orville-Ships USS Orville (ECV-197)
Random-House-HC-Star-Trek Shipyards Starfleet Starships 2151
Space 1999- The Eagle
U.S.S Shenzhou NCC-1227
U.S.S Discovery
Talarian Observation Craft
U.S.S. Prometheus XL FC
Jupiter Station FC
Enterprise-E Captain Yacht
Klingon D-5
Vidiian Ship