Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Needles Kane Art-Scale-1/10

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Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) is one of the most beloved members from the Twisted Metal franchise. His frightening appearance and psychotic personality are traits that won over the public of this famous game, making the character the favourite of many!

And now it is time for you to show your love for this character! Here at Iron Studios you can purchase this iconic statue and make your collection ever more incredible!

Who is Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane)?

Sweet Tooth is the alter ego of Needles Kane. He is a maniac and murder clown that drives a modified ice cream truck with deadly weapons. Considered the mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise, due to his fame, he is seen as a main character.

In his original story, Needles Kane, before becoming Sweet Tooth, was an ordinary ice cream maker that rode around in his ice cream truck. However, after a fit of insanity, he transformed his vehicle into a killing machine and embraced a new persona as the Sweet Tooth Clown, a sinister clown.

Twisted Metal was created by David Jaffe in 1995. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the players choose among a variety of unique vehicles, each one piloted by a different character.

The goal is to destroy other participants in different arenas placed in urban areas, using different combinations of weapons and unique abilities of each character and each vehicle.

In 2023, the game got its own TV series by the same name, created for the streaming service Peacock.

Exploring the statue of Sweet Tooth

The collectible figure of Sweet Tooth is an item that any collector would love to have.

With a high-quality paint job, the statue manages to represent the essence of this character very well, with a special attention to detail.

Figure details

With approximately 27cm/10.6 in of height, Sweet Tooth’s action figure comes with the character’s classic outfit, together with his burning head with the typical clown mask and a knife in his hands, made in a 1/10 scale.

Special characteristics

Weighing 700g/1.5 lbs, the statue is part of the Art Scale line of Iron Studios, making it possible to place the collectible on any flat surface due to its base and quality of materials. The statue also has incredible details, in addition to the extremely realistic painting.

Materials and finishing

The statue's quality is ensured through polystone, a sturdy material that enhances its durability. The figure is static and features an extremely thorough hand-painted finish, making it truly unique.

Base and accessories

Sweet Tooth’s statue has a display base made up of parts of his iconic ice cream truck, which makes for a perfect diorama. This striking feature can give great versatility in displaying the piece.

With an impeccable finish, the statue of Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) is an amazing acquisition for the fans of the Twisted Metal franchise, guaranteeing a product with exclusivity and quality that you can only find here at Iron Studios!

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