Suicide Squad 2 Bloodsport Art-Scale-1/10 Statue

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With a mission to destroy a laboratory and a prison that holds political prisoners and secret experiments, he finds himself atop a base that resembles the forest terrain of Corto Maltese. He infiltrates himself as the involuntary leader of the Task Force group`s second strike team, better known as The Suicide Squad. Wearing a tactical suit specially designed to protect him, which hides his mountable arsenal, with various utility tools, when necessary, he can still wear a folding helmet, inspired by a xenomorph alien, which intimidates his opponents and hides his identity. Part of the collection of statues derived from the movie The Suicide Squad, Iron Studios presents the deadly "Bloodsport - The Suicide Squad - BDS Art Scale 1/10", a highly intelligent mercenary with skills in strategy and leadership that turns any object into a deadly weapon.

Imprisoned for putting Superman in the ICU with a Kryptonite bullet, Robert DuBois, known by the code name Bloodsport, was recruited by Amanda Waller to command one of the two teams of the Suicide Squad. He joined the team for another obscure mission of the group of villains who work for the government in exchange for reducing their sentences. Initially refusing the mission, he ended up accepting it after Waller blackmailed him, threatening to imprison his daughter Tyla for a misdemeanor committed by the teenager. As a military veteran and assassin, DuBois has an impeccable aim and is an expert combatant, but suffers from Musophobia (intense fear of rats) for being locked, by his father, in a box with hungry rodents as a child. Played by Idris Elba, Bloodsport was created by the legendary writer and artist John Byrne in 1987 as Superman`s opponent in the comics.

The statue, which contains an extra head with a helmet and a pair of extra arms with weapons, is added to the diorama line that will also feature other members of the group, such as Ratcatcher II, Harley Quinn, King Shark, Peacemaker, and Polka-Dot Man. With much more news to come, stay tuned to Iron Studios` social media.

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