Limited Warranty & Returns

Limited Warranty & Returns

We strive to ensure that our products reach you in perfect condition. However, in the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied with one of our products please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our Limited Warranty, Returns & Replacements Policy.

The policy that applies to your product depends on how and where you purchased it, so please review the alternatives below to see which fits your situation.

You purchased a product directly from Master Replicas
Products purchased directly from Master Replicas may be returned to us for any reason by the original purchaser during the 30 thirty days following receipt from us. This policy covers only product purchased directly by customers from Master Replicas. It does not cover products purchased from any other retailers or resellers, or products purchased on the secondary market. i.e. online auction sites.


Unwanted Items
If for any reason you are not satisfied with a product you have purchased directly from us, you may return the product within 30 days of receipt for a full refund*. All products must be returned to us in their original packaging in the same condition they were supplied. This means that all products must be returned intact with all contents and all original packaging including brown outer cartons if applicable. Unwanted products must be received by Master Replicas within the 30 day period to be eligible for a refund. You are responsible for all shipping costs when returning unwanted products to us. You are also responsible for ensuring that products are returned safely and securely. We reserve the right to assess a damaged product fee of up to 15% of the product price on any returned products that arrive damaged due to improper or insufficient packaging. We are not responsible for any damage or loss suffered when returning products to us.

*The refund received will be for the purchase price of the product excluding any shipping charges paid.

Damaged or Defective items

If your product arrives damaged or in defective condition, you will be asked to clearly identify the damage/fault so we can provide you with the best solution. At our option, either:

The product will be replaced with a new product or a refund provided if the item is no longer in stock. In which case you will be asked to destroy the faulty product and provide photographic evidence of destruction, or at our discretion you may be requested to return the item via post, for which you will be fully reimbursed;

Spare or replacement parts will be sent to you; or

For items originally purchased via pre-order you will be offered either a full refund, or an exchange for another product of the same value.

For in stock items you will be offered either a full refund (excluding shipping charges) or an exchange for another product of the same value.

Any product that appears to us to have been damaged intentionally or as a result of improper or insufficient return packaging will be subject to a damaged product fee of up to 15% of the product price plus the amount of return shipping costs.

Product / Material Degradation

Over time certain materials utilised for either a product itself, or fabrics for costumes may show signs of minor wear or degradation. In such cases please refer to the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Purchases of items that fall outside the manufacturer’s warranty period are guaranteed for a period of 30 days only.

Depending upon the age of an item that we have had in stock from its original release date, parts or a replacement unit, may no longer be available from our suppliers. Whilst every attempt shall be made to source replacements for either faulty parts, or a complete product, it may not always be possible to supply customers with replacements, should said item no longer be available and fall outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

We strongly recommend that customers open and inspect all items for faults upon receipt.

If a fault or damage is reported within the 30 day period and parts, or a replacement unit cannot be offered, your purchase amount can be allocated to another product, or refunded in full once the product has been returned to our warehouse and inspected.

Faults or damage reported to us outside of the 30 day period, will not be eligible for replacement, or refund.

You purchased a Master Replicas product from a retailer (physical store or third party website, including eBay Shops and Amazon Marketplace merchants).

If you purchased your product from a retailer other than Master Replicas please contact the retailer directly with any replacement and/or refund inquiries.

You must contact the retailer directly with all refund and/or exchange queries. We cannot issue direct refunds or replacements for any of our products sold by retailers for any reason.

Due to the limited edition nature of our products, we cannot guarantee that any product can be replaced at the time of return or that damaged specific edition numbers can be replaced with the same number. In that case, a substitution or refund will be offered to the vendor and in turn to you.

You purchased a Master Replicas product through an auction or private resale.

If you purchased our product through an auction or private resale, please contact the seller directly with any replacement and/or refund enquiries.

You must contact the seller directly with all refund and/or exchange enquiries. We cannot issue refunds or replacements for any reason for any of our products sold via auction or by resellers.

The return policies described above constitute our limited warranty with respect to the products sold by us, and are in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

Up to 14 days customer receives full refund.

If you do not contact us in time and your order ships, then you will be responsible for any and all shipping fees or package return fees.