Flash Drop Wednesday July 19th - Here's what's dropping...

Flash Drop Wednesday July 19th - Here's what's dropping...

FLASH DROP Wednesday July 19th at 9 PM BST/1 pm PST/4 PM EST/6am Sydney.

For this week’s flash drop we’ve managed to find some ships that sold out last time we had them, including Kira’s Bajoran Raider, the Kelvin Timeline version of the Klingon battle cruiser and the long-range Vulcan shuttle that brings Spock back to the Enterprise in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

There are some new offerings as well. For the first time at Master Replicas we have the Vulcan ship that made first contact with Earth, the deadly Species 8472 bioship and the first shuttle set which features the Galileo from TOS, the standard TNG Type-6 shuttle, Voyager’s ‘speedboat’ shuttle and the rarely-seen shuttle from the Defiant.

They are joined by handful of Starfleet ships: the Norway and Nebula class, the Ent-E Captain’s Yacht and a small restock of the Enterprise NX-01.

 As always these are models where we only have small quantities – normally less than 100 and many of them are offered at a discount so we expect them to sell fast. We have particularly low stock of the Keldon class, the Vulcan Survey Ship and V’Ger.

Here’s the list:
STAR TREK Regular Size
B'Omar Patrol Ship / Bajoran Raider / Klingon Augments' Ship / Malon Export Vessel / Norway Class (U.S.S. Budapest) / Tholian Ship (22nd Century) / Vaadwuar Assault Fighter / Voth City Ship / Enterprise NX-01 / E.C.S. Fortunate / Cardassian Keldon Class / Enterprise-E Captain's Yacht / Nebula Class (U.S.S. Honshu) / Species 8472 Bioship / Vulcan Survey Ship / Shuttle Set 1: Galileo, Type-6, Type-9, Type-10
STAR TREK Specials
U.S.S. Kelvin (KELVIN TIMELINE) / Klingon Battlecruiser (KELVIN TIMELINE) / Klingon D4 Bird-of-prey (KELVIN TIMELINE) / T'Plana-Hath Vulcan Lander
V'Ger / Vulcan Long-Range Shuttle / Son'a Flagship