1. I can only see 27 products listed on the site. Is that all you have?

We have many more products than you can see on the site today. We will make new items available every two weeks. If you’re looking for something specific and do not see it, we would suggest that you should sign up for the newsletter, which will inform you what is going to be available before it is released. With such a large catalogue of products our rationale is to better control inventory, allied to a release strategy that we hope will afford customers a chance to buy the products they want in a more budget sensitive way.

Each product will be available for two weeks, or until it is sold out. At the end of the two weeks, they will be taken down and replaced with a new selection. Some products may be re-listed at a later date, but we cannot guarantee it.

Limited edition products will be available until the stock has sold out.

The Eaglemoss inventory is extensive and complicated, but we are working our way through it. We may find more stock of some models. If we do find additional stock, we will list it for sale. Customers should sign up for the newsletter so you can get advance notice of what we will be listing.

On occasion yes they will. However, the stock we acquired from Eaglemoss comes from lots of different locations and there are different styles/types of packaging. We want to be able to offer as much stock as possible, so we will be selling some ships without the magazines. Unfortunately we will not be able to advise if your order will contain a magazine.
Unfortunately replacement stands are not available.
Right now we only have the rights to sell existing products, but we are exploring the options.
Yes, we will. Some of the unreleased stock remains in China and will take a little while to arrive, but we have acquired them.
Unfortunately not.
Master Replicas only purchased inventory from Eaglemoss and did not purchase the company, nor its financial obligations. As such Master Replicas is not responsible to honour customers’ orders that that were originally taken by Eaglemoss. We cannot advise customers as to how they should proceed to reclaim money. If you have further questions you should talk to your bank or payment provider.
We aren’t selling that product. A company, DeAgostini, has the rights for this.
We will be selling most, but not all, of the products Eaglemoss made including Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Alien, The Orville and Doctor Who. We will be updating the website with new stock every two weeks. If you sign up to the newsletter, we will inform you before products go live.
Whilst we understand boxes are important to collectors, we don't guarantee mint condition boxes as they're there to protect the ships inside, and as such do not offer refunds on this basis. We will assess on a case by case basis, so please email customer services with any questions.
We cannot, but we believe we have most things. The Eaglemoss stock was stored in various warehouses around the world. We have been working to consolidate the inventory into a single location. The inventory is complicated and we are finding new things all the time. If you sign up for the newsletter, we will tell you what is going to be available in advance.
We are not making products available for pre-order but our newsletter will provide advance notice about the ships that are going to be listed every two weeks.
We will not be offering a subscription service, but we will be listing new ships every two weeks.
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